Reddy Ice Fantasy Façade

Conjure up your inner Witch Doctor and decorate your business, private residence or hotel/guesthouse for the Reddy Ice Fantasy Façade Competition 2016!

Create a sight that will make the dead want to rise again by decorating the street-side exterior of your building and/or grounds. Fantasy Fest’s panel of judges will come by to take stock of your amazing juju on Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 at noon.

Taking part in the annual façade competition is a fantastic way to get in the Fantasy Fest spirit and show off your hometown magic. Click here to get your application for this year’s Reddy Ice Fantasy Façade Competition.

Download the 2016 Fantasy Façade Application »

Congratulations to the 2015 Reddy Ice Fantasy Façade Contest Winners:

La Te Da — 1125 Duval St. — “Circus World of Wonder”

Small Business 1st Prize
Nine One Five — 915 Duval St. — “American Horror Story”

Guest House 1st Place
Curry Mansion — 511 Caroline St. — “Tim Curry Mansion House Rocky Horror”

Guest House 2nd Place
Atlantis House — 1401 Atlantic Blvd. — “Halloween Town”

Private Residence 1st Prize
Dawson Whitehurst — 918 Fleming St. — “Planet of the Walking Dead”

Private Residence 2nd Place
Rebecca Porter and Joseph White — 800 Emma St. — “It’s Hell on the Porch”

Honorable Mentions
Michael Boyer — 1828 Fogarty Ave. — “The Eyes Have It!”
Sloppy Joes — 201 Duval St. — “There's a Spaceship on the Roof!”
Hard Rock Café — 313 Duval St. — “The Aliens Have It!”
Blue Sky Rentals — 805 Duval St. and 1020 Duval St. — “Groot Joins the Circus”
Laura Ricks — 2923 Staples Ave. — “Bones and Bats”
Commotion at Red Doors — 800 Caroline St. — “Witchy Windows”
Jennifer and Gregory Lloyd — 805 United St. — “Witches of Royal”