Party Responsibly
Fantasy Fest Code of Conduct 2016

The Key West Tourist Development Association and the Key West Police Department welcome you to Florida's premier masking and costuming celebration and encourage you to participate in all the many exciting events of “Political Voodoo & Ballot Box Barbarians”.

On Friday, October 28 and Saturday, October 29, 2016, portions of Duval Street and adjoining side streets will be designated as a Fantasy Zone. By applying a code of conduct with a few rules we can make Fantasy Fest 2016 a safe and pleasant adventure. The City of Key West Police Department summarizes below the code of conduct you need to abide by.

Please review the following rules and regulations that are enforced during the Festival:

  • Nudity is ILLEGAL and is NOT allowed on public property or in public view at any time.
  • Lewd acts on public property or in public view are strictly ILLEGAL and NOT tolerated.
  • Body painting is allowed but must be done in enclosed or screened in areas, entirely out of public view. Painted female breasts are permitted, but ONLY ALLOWED within the designated "Fantasy Zone".
  • Please wear a cover-up to avoid ILLEGAL exposure on public property and on all city streets outside of the "Fantasy Zone".
  • No glass containers are allowed inside the designated Fantasy Zone. Drink from paper or plastic cups provided by bars and vendors.
  • Open containers of alcohol are not allowed outside the Fantasy Zone. Please stay inside the party area while you are carrying open alcoholic beverages.
  • Trash and recycling containers are located for your convenience along the boundary of the Fantasy Zone for depositing open drink containers. Additional recycling bins will be located on every cross street within the Fantasy Zone.
  • No backpacks, coolers, packages, water guns, weapons or replica weapons will be allowed.

The Police Department works diligently for crowd well-being. Our primary goal is a safe festival.

Most important, please be courteous and patient with enforcement officers and with each other. We hope to enjoy another unforgettable Key West Fantasy Fest.


Traditionally October has been a slow time for tourism in the Keys, but since its inception, Fantasy Fest® has continually boosted the economy by filling up hotel rooms and inundating local businesses, restaurants, and bars during this time period. The tremendous influx of visitors during the ten days of the festival sustains the local economy until the holiday season begins. Fantasy Fest is committed to extending the time that visitors stay by encouraging the creation of diverse events throughout the entire ten days. The opportunity to show off the imaginative and resourceful spirit that defines the Keys excites participants as well as the thousands that are drawn to the Keys.

Frank Romano, a board member of the Tourist Development Association of Monroe County, Inc. (TDA), and a founding member of Fantasy Fest, gives us a personal introduction into the conception of Fantasy Fest. He shares the early vision of Joe Liszka, President of the TDA, giving us a glimpse of how this good-natured revelry came to be.

"In 1978, on Halloween Day, Joe Liszka asked me to accompany him to the intersection of Front and Duval Streets. He asked me to look up Duval Street and tell him what I saw. "What was I supposed to see?" "No cars moving, no people walking, lots of store fronts boarded up because the retailers take their vacation in this slow season?"

"How is the weather," he asked. "Well, it is a typical beautiful day in Paradise, warm, with bright sunshine." "That's what's wrong," he told me. " Here it is the most beautiful weather day of the season and the town is deserted. Workers are laid off. Business owners have a tough time paying their expenses. It is a disaster season for the Key West economy."

"I understand", I replied, "but what can we do about it?" "We need a fest, a carnival, a celebration, something that will entice people to change our moribund season to one of great fun; a party that will bring many people to understand that this season is one of our best," he replied.

Liszka's creative inspiration was the birth of Fantasy Fest. Now, Halloween is the busiest day of the year with thousands of people visiting our town. Fantasy Fest week produces the most revenue of any week in the year. A moribund season has become our best. Thank you, Joseph Liszka."

Frank Romano
Board Member
The Tourist Development Association of Monroe County, Inc.

Past Fantasy Fest Themes

  • 1979 Old Key West
  • 1980 House of Horrors
  • 1981 Va Va Voom
  • 1982 Carnival
  • 1983 Plays of Tennessee Williams
  • 1984 50 Years of Film Fantasy™
  • 1985 Broadway Fantasies™
  • 1986 Fantasy in Space™
  • 1987 Halloween with a Key West Flair™
  • 1988 Fantasy Fest B.C.™ - 10th Anniversary
  • 1989 Future Fantasies 2089™
  • 1990 Caribbean Fantasies™
  • 1991 Junglemania™
  • 1992 Halloween in the Devil's Triangle™
  • 1993 Lost in the '60's™
  • 1994 Mystical Myths and Twisted Tales™
  • 1995 Tinseltown Dreams™
  • 1996 Call of the Wild™
  • 1997 TV Jeebies™
  • 1998 Fright Night on Bone Island™
  • 1999™
  • 2000 Circuses and Sideshows™
  • 2001 Secrets of the Zodiac Revealed™
  • 2002 Mystical Mornings/Monsterious Nights™
  • 2003 Daze of Futures Past— 25 Years of Fantasy™
  • 2004 Delirious Dreams and Hilarious Screams™
  • 2005 Freaks, Geeks and Goddesses™
  • 2006 Key Weird on the Dis-Oriented Express™
  • 2007 Gnomes, Toads and White Rabbit Tea Parties™
  • 2008 Pirates, Pundits and Political Party Animals™
  • 2009 Villains, Vixens, and Vampires™
  • 2010 Habitat for Insanity™
  • 2011 Aquatic Afrolic™
  • 2012 A-Conch-Alypse™
  • 2013 Super Heroes, Villains & Beyond™
  • 2014 Animéted Dreams and Adventures™
  • 2015 All Hallows Intergalactic Freak Show™
  • 2016 Political Voodoo & Ballot Box Barbarians™

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Parking & Transportation

Bus transportation

The City of Key West Department of Transportation (Key West Transit) notes these transportation changes during Fantasy Fest:

  • Road closures will begin the weekend of the Bahama Village Goombay Festival, Oct. 21 and Oct. 22, 2016, which will cause delays and detours to regular bus service, scheduled pick-up points and times.
  • Buses will NOT provide service west of Simonton Street on Oct. 21, Oct. 22, Oct. 28 and Oct. 29, 2016 during the Goombay Festival and Fantasy Fest, due to street events and road closures on both weekends.
  • Regular bus service in the downtown area will resume Sunday morning after 7 AM on Oct. 23 and 30, 2016, or as soon as streets are reopened to traffic.
  • Events planned throughout Fantasy Fest during weekdays may prevent buses from servicing stops west of Simonton Street – updated information will be posted on the City's website at and on the City's Real Time Passenger Information System at Real time bus information is also available by calling (305) 600-1455.
  • On Saturday Oct. 29, 2016, regular bus service will operate until 4:59 PM, at which time ALL City and Lower Keys bus service will convert to SAFE RIDE shuttles for the parade event.

Shuttles and Taxi’s

The City of Key West Department of Transportation is pleased to announce SAFE RIDE shuttle bus service for the 2016 Fantasy Fest Parade event.

  • Lower Keys service between Key West and Marathon will be $4.00 each way and Key West City service will be $2.00 each way.
  • Shuttles will operate on Saturday Oct. 29, 2016 between 5:00 PM and 2:00 AM.
  • The last Lower Keys shuttles will depart Key West no later than 12:30 AM (after midnight) for return trips to Marathon. Plan ahead, seating is limited on the last bus out!
  • City bus shuttles will have a final pick up call at 1:45 AM.
  • The designated drop off / pick up point for the shuttles is Fausto's on Fleming and Bahama Streets.
  • All buses will travel clockwise, counter-clockwise and figure eight in Key West and Stock Island – with Keys shuttles rotating between Key West and Marathon as traffic permits.
  • Additional information will be available at and
  • Taxis will be located in special pick-up areas outside the designated Fantasy Zone (portions of Duval St. and the adjoining side streets).


The City suggests festival goers find parking at one of the following locations:

  • City Parking Lots: Rates are for Friday, Oct. 28, 2016, beginning at 8:00 AM, through Sunday, Oct. 30, 2016, ending at noon.
  • Old Town Garage (Park N' Ride), at the corner of Grinnell and Caroline streets, $30 per entry per day.
  • Mallory Square, near the intersection of Duval and Front streets, $4 per hour or $32 per day.
  • Key West Bight, at the corner of Caroline and Williams streets, $2.00 per hour or $16.25 per day.

Oversized vehicles cannot park in City lots.

Oversize vehicle parking is available at Key West High School, 2100 Flagler Avenue, on Friday, Oct. 28, 2016 from 5 PM to 8 PM and on Saturday Oct. 29, 2016 from 11 AM to 8 PM. Reservations REQUIRED in advance for Friday parking. No other parking will take place on Friday.

  • $50 with Reservation
  • $100 without reservation (RV's & Motor homes / Tour Buses & Other Oversized Vehicles)

Email Teddi at for parking reservations for oversize vehicles.

On Saturday, parking in front of the school will be open to all other vehicles at a rate of $25 per vehicle. Key West Transit buses will run from 1 PM to 10 PM from the high school to downtown (at Southard/Fausto's) on Saturday only. The bus charges $2 each way and exact change is required.

All parking fees will be used as a fundraiser for the KWHS Class of 2017. Fundraiser approved by MCSD.

Tour Bus Parking Map

Parking Etiquette

If you are able to find in-town parking, please remember:

  • Be courteous and do not block private driveways, entrances, etc.
  • Watch carefully for “No Parking,” including “Resident only,” areas. As the festival progresses, there will be additional no parking areas blocked off.
  • Parking restrictions are enforced. Towing may occur to keep traffic and festival activities moving smoothly. If your vehicle should be towed, please call the Police non-emergency number 305-809-1000. Parking tickets may also be paid at City Hall in the Revenue Department or mailed as indicated.
  • Plan your exit route carefully to avoid being blocked by Parade activities or heavy congestion.
  • Please watch for emergency vehicles attempting to access the very crowded side streets.

Oversized vehicles such as RV's, Tour Buses, Motor Homes, and others are not permitted to travel in the old town/downtown areas of Key West. City Ordinance prohibits parking oversized vehicles on city streets. Oversized vehicles are required to drop and pick up passengers East of White Street in Key West.

Street Closures

To accommodate the many street activities during Fantasy Fest, portions of several streets will be closed during the festivities and the parade.

  • On Friday, Oct. 28, 2016, Duval Street from Front Street to Truman Avenue is closed to traffic beginning at 10 AM. Side street crossings are at Front Street, Eaton Street, Fleming Street, Southard Street, Angela Street, Olivia Street, and Truman Avenue.
  • On Saturday, Oct. 29, 2016, beginning at 10 AM, the following streets will be closed: Duval Street is closed from Front Street to Truman Avenue. Front Street, Eaton Street, and Truman Avenue are the only accessible cross streets.
  • On Saturday, Oct. 29, 2016, from 4 PM until the parade ends, Whitehead Street is closed from Truman Avenue to Front Street. All Duval crossings are closed from Front Street to United Street. Southard Street from Truman Waterfront to Simonton Street will also be closed.
  • Several parking lots will also be closed from 8 AM on Friday, Oct. 28, 2016 until noon on Sunday, Oct. 30, 2016: the parking lot in the 500 block of Thomas Street, the parking lot in the 300 block of Fleming Street, as well as the 500 block of Angela Street.


Use caution at all times while traveling in the downtown area during the Street Fair, the Masquerade March and during the Fantasy Fest Parade. And, as always, be sure to have a stellar time!